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silver  500

danube 550 

rebrasti 500 




your wish


montazna kucica - vikendica






sarac 550    Aluminium boats for family recreation and fishing. Easy, convenient in service and storage the boat can become your reliable companion during fishing and hunting.    


silver  500  Aluminium boats very fast. With great designe for fast drive. Also good for fishing and hunting.


danube 550  Aluminium boat  type for river Danube. One of the best selling in this area.


rebrasti 500  Aluminium boat very original made of aluminium sheets for ship floor. Just look the material it is made of.




smallship(yacht)  Bigger boat with cabin. Ideal for spending more time on the water. It was built by specific demands by one of ours customers.


yacht       Ideal for holiday and pleasure on water with family, frends and challenge of adventure.


Catamaran          Luxury, comfort and space that only catamaran can offer. House on water for real.

your wish     If you have some of your ideas and/or technical drawings we can built boats by your wish .

montazna kucica - vikendica